The HEAR Map is an interactive, searchable map of higher education in the Arab region, featuring every university across the 22 Arab states. These universities are public, private, for-profit, non-profit, and online institutions that are officially registered in the country of their location, some of which may also be accredited in another country, or represent a branch or satellite campus1.

For a more analytical report on the landscape of higher education in the Arab region, specifically pertaining to the social sciences, read the Arab Social Science Monitor’s report, “Social Sciences in the Arab World: Forms of Presence.”

How to use the HEAR Map:

  • Plotted markers represent universities; clicking on a university will display a snapshot of the university, which includes a list of its academic divisions (faculties, schools, colleges, and institutes)2.
  • To search for specific key words (e.g. “Economics” or “Lebanon”) click on the search icon on the upper-right of the map and type in a key word in the search bar.
  • Use the filter to the left of the map to filter between public and private universities.

[1] This map will eventually be updated to also include degree-granting institutions that aren’t universities, but offer either 1.) a Bachelor’s degree or higher in at least two distinct fields of study, or 2.) a professional degree from a program of at least four years in at least two distinct fields of study.
[2] The list of academic divisions in each university fact box will soon be updated to also include departments. Information on all degrees offered at each university will also be available soon.